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Benefits of Using Hanging Scales in Agriculture

Hanging scales are devices used to weigh an object by suspending it from a fixed point. They come in various sizes and capacities, depending on the user's needs. Some models can weigh objects up to several hundred pounds, making them ideal for heavier applications.

These types of weighing scales are essential for anyone needing to weigh objects with precision and accuracy. In agriculture, these scales are used to weigh livestock, produce and other items. They are also used to weigh animals, hay bales and other large objects, such as steel pipes and machinery.

Hanging scales in agriculture usually have a large hook or beam from which the object being weighed is hung. The item is then weighed by suspending it from the hook or beam and measuring the amount of force required to support it. This force is typically measured in grams or kilograms.

Benefits of Using Hanging Scales in Agriculture

1.    Accurate Measurements of Crops

For thousands of years, farmers have relied on their knowledge of the land and the seasons to produce crops that would feed their families and communities. In recent decades, however, new technology has allowed farmers to increase their yields and become more efficient.

Hanging weighing scales are one such innovation that has had a significant impact on agriculture. By allowing farmers to get accurate measurements of their crops, they can optimise their production and get the most out of their land, money, time, effort and resources.

Accurate Measurements of Crops

2.    Durable and Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Hanging scales are very durable and can withstand being used in all sorts of weather conditions. Whether in the summer or winter, ranch humidity or farm flooding, surely you can depend on these weighing scales.

While dirt and moisture can damage the components of a scale, by choosing a Meltrons hanging scale and with proper cleaning and maintenance, they’re sure to last for years to come.

3.    Easy to Use

Hanging scales are easy to use and an excellent option for farmers who want to save time. Farmers can simply hang the scales from a tree or a post and then hang the product onto the hook or place it on the platform that’s attached to the shackles and wait for the weight to be displayed.

Hanging scales are also very accurate, so farmers can be confident that they are getting accurate readings.

4.    Great Way to Weigh Large Animals

While floor scales are a perfect way to weigh live animals, hanging and crane scales are a better option for butchered livestock. Some crane scales also have platforms attached to them, so they can be used for live cows, horses, sheep and poultry animals.

The best thing about hanging scales is that they can weigh even odd-shaped objects, hence, suitable for animal meat of any type of cut. And because they're portable, they can be used anywhere on the farm, whether in the barn or out in the field.

Weigh Large Animals

5.    Measure the Weight of the Lumber

Wood is a common building material in agricultural settings, and farmers often need to know how much they need for various structures. Hanging scales help by accurately weighing the lumber ordered from a supplier. This allows farmers to purchase the most suitable wood for their farm structures.

Hanging scales are easy to use and can be hung from any convenient location, and the weight of lumber is taken by lifting them off the ground. It is suspended from a beam or other support, and the weight of the lumber is placed on the scale's platform or chained to the shackles.

6.    Perfect for Weighing Hay Bales

Hanging scales are also very accurate, as they use a sophisticated pulley system to measure the weight of the hay. This makes them ideal for farmers who need to be sure of the weight of their hay.

All you need to do is suspend the scale from a suitable support, such as a beam or a tree branch and then hang the hay bale or place it on the platform attached to the shackles. The scale will then give you an accurate reading of the weight.

Benefits of Using Hanging Scales

7.    Reliable, Versatile and Efficient

Hanging scales are a versatile, reliable and cost-efficient tool for any farmer or rancher. They are typically used to weigh animals, hay bales, equipment, and so much more. They are easy to use and provide reliable results.

Additionally, these weighing scales are portable and can be used in any location. Farmers and ranchers rely on hanging scales to provide accurate information about their operations.

Hanging scales are very affordable, which makes them a great option for farmers on a budget. They are also easy to maintain and can last for many years with proper care, hence, making them a cost-efficient investment.


For the above-mentioned reasons, hanging scales are an excellent choice for anyone looking for precision and successful farming.

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