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Everything You Need to Know About Hanging Scales

Need to know everything about hanging scales?

What are hanging scales?

Hanging scales are portable weighing devices that are typically utilised for aloft weighing and lifting purposes. They are generally designed with a simple layout and a high precision gauge. Thus, making them simple to use in many industries. Hanging scales can be used in medical, commerce, and most outdoor industrial measuring implementations.

Are hanging scales the same as crane scales?

Essentially, they offer the same use, that is, to weigh objects while lifting them off the ground. However, they differ in scale and cost. Although hanging scales are used for many fields, they are limited in the weight capacity that they can carry. In this light, they are generally less expensive than crane scales.

In most cases, hanging scales can be used in medical laboratories, trade and commerce, agriculture and farming, and some industrial loads. Crane scales, on the other hand, are typically seen in big logistic companies and other huge industrial weighing applications like cargos and shipping containers.

hanging scales the same as crane scales

Things You Need to Know About Hanging Scales

1.    Capacity

One of the most important things to know about is the capacity of your hanging scale. Some of these scales have a maximum capacity of 50 Kg, while others can carry up to 10,000 tons. When scouting for a hanging scale or scales, in general, it is imperative to know the weight of your heaviest item. This can help you find the right scale for your needs.

Always remember that just like anything else, a hanging scale has its limits. It is best to keep its usability at bay.

Never attempt to overload your hanging scale!

2.    Durability

Let’s face it, a less robust and cheap hanging scale is truly tempting. However, ask yourself, “will it endure the needs of my business?”

Picture this: you buy a cheaper hanging scale, but it loses its precision and accuracy after a couple of uses. This, in turn, can affect the quality of your business. Surely, you can always buy a new one, but at the end of it all, buying a Meltrons hanging scale can save you unnecessary expenses.

Find a safe and reliable hanging scale that can withstand any industrial demands.

3.    Safety

Hanging scales require hanging objects, items, containers or products to get their weight. It is highly recommended to ensure that it can withstand the weight it is carrying. It should be safe to use and it has security features to avoid unexpected circumstances.

Make sure that your hanging scale has a safe solid hook that can secure its load.

4.    Accuracy

Technically, accuracy in scales refers to division size. This is the smallest weight difference that the hanging scale will display as the load increases. The accuracy of your hanging scale plays an important role to determine if it is trade-approved or stamped for quality trade and business purposes.

Meltrons Australia offers hanging scales with accuracy and precision.

5.    Certification

In many cases, weighing scales may require certification for the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. This certifies that the scale you are using has passed the national standards for weighing scales. In which case, your hanging scale will undergo a calibration process to certify that it is ISO-approved.

Look for hanging scale provides that offer onsite calibration services.

hanging scales are ISO-certified

Find a Provider You Can Trust

Are you starting a farm business?

Or perhaps you want to purchase new hanging scales to boost your cargo business?

Meltrons Australia can help you find the right hanging scale for your business needs. We carry a wide array of scales, from portable hanging scales to remote-controlled crane scales. Our weighing systems have large capacities that are enough to weigh livestock, cargo boxes and even trucks.

If you are looking for ISO-certified hanging scales, Meltrons Australia offers onsite calibration services. Whether you are looking for a hanging scale to ensure the weight of your products or you need to accurately weigh a box while it is lifted, we are the provider you can trust.

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