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Hanging Scales

Meltrons’ range of crane and hanging scales provide the accuracy and safe operation necessary for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 

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Weighing bulky items like drums or large pieces of metal isn’t an issue with our hanging and crane scales. If you sell heavy products by weight, our hanging scales are the perfect solution. When you need to gain an accurate weight measurement of something as it’s lifted, then you need one of our crane scale options. They attach to winches, cranes (like the name suggests) or hoists, to give you a reliable reading in industries such as animal care and manufacturing. 

When you need to weigh a heavy object and lift it as well, Meltrons has a durable crane scale to help you get the job done safely, efficiently and accurately. Whether you need a hanging scale that has the capacity for compression or high tension weighing, you can count on us. Wireless remotes and easy to read digital displays allow you to stay safe while operating our crane or hanging scales.