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Hanging Scales

Weighing bulky items like drums or large pieces of metal isn’t an issue with our hanging and crane scales. Our hanging scales are the perfect solution if you sell heavy products by weight. When you need to gain an accurate weight measurement of something as it’s lifted, then you need one of our crane scale options. They attach to winches, cranes (like the name suggests) or hoists to give you a reliable reading on animal care and manufacturing industries.

When you need to weigh a heavy object and lift it as well, Meltrons has a durable crane scale to help you get the job done safely, efficiently and accurately. Whether you need a digital hanging scale that has the capacity for compression or high tension weighing, you can count on us. Wireless remotes and easy to read digital displays allow you to stay safe while operating our crane or hanging scales.

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Meltrons Hanging Scales Provide Reliability

When your operations require accurate weighing devices that can withstand day to day loads and the test of time, choosing the right hanging and crane scales can be the best investment you’ll make for your business. Meltrons digital hanging scales provide the reliability that you are looking for. From accuracy and precision to durability and flexibility and other advantages, we’ve got it all for you.


If you are looking for a weighing solution for a limited operating environment, a hanging scale is a perfect choice. They are versatile, easy and safe to use and store. They also save you space both in operations and storage.

The best part is that Meltrons offers a wide selection of hanging scales in various sizes and with a safety shackle and bright digital LCD. We ensure high tension and compression weighing capacities with compact wireless remote controls and/or indicators that are efficient and reliable, so you can be sure to finish your work correctly and with ease.


Despite their sizes, hanging scales are durable, portable and can carry tons of loads. They are adaptable weighing machines that can weigh odd-shaped items or huge loads of 10,000kg or more. However, the capacity of a hanging scale is more limited compared to a crane scale.

So, it is best to know the maximum weight requirements of your business before purchasing your hanging scale.

If you are looking for AFFORDABILITY, Meltrons got you covered!

Meltrons offer many benefits, including cost-efficient units that can cater to different industries - whether you are into steel manufacturing or agriculture and animal care, our digital hanging scales are a worthwhile investment.

Our range of hanging scales includes the TELSHACK-B Wireless Crosby, MHS Hanging Scale, MPCS Portable Crane Scale, MCRS Crane Scale and so much more.

Surely, you won’t go wrong with any of these weighing options as they are guaranteed to handle various weighing ranges with overload ratings. In case you are unsure which to pick, your Meltrons scale experts can help you choose the ideal option that suits your needs.

DYNAMOMETER: The Wireless Innovation

A dynamometer is a measuring device that provides weight reading calculated from the force, torque or power. It also measures tension and traction. Dynamometers fitted with heavy-duty equipment are ideal for suspended weighing supported with large openings in the shackles on the bottom that can either be swivelled or not.

The MDM-W Dynamometer is a lightweight and compact crane scale with a wireless handheld LCD indicator. This product was engineered with a peak hold feature, an overload alarm, and a steady weight condition. For maximum weighing capacity that suits your industrial needs, try the wireless innovation of dynamometers.

Why Choose Meltrons Hanging and Crane Scales

At Meltrons, we take pride in the quality of products we offer. Most of our hanging scales and load cells are engineered and constructed with technical expertise and quality control backed by 25 years of experience. Our custom solutions are also designed and built to meet your weighing specifications to deliver the products you need and not what we think you should purchase.

What Sets Us Apart

Over the years, we continue to aim for the best weighing solutions and experience for our clients. Our goal is to provide high-quality and dependable products at affordable prices to suit all categories of applications. From factories to logistics, retail shops and hospitality businesses, construction sites, silos, farms and ranches, Meltrons is the brand to trust!

All our products are of superior design to ensure that all your operation goals are met. Our product models also come with warranties. Best of all, we have a “factory direct” business structure, so we keep overheads as minimal as possible. And we pass those savings on to our most valued customers, making them save more.