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Floor Scales

We offer a range of reliable floor scale solutions for weighing pallets and other similar objects. Accurate and durable, our floor scales can stand up to the day-to-day use in commercial and industrial environments. At Meltrons, our floor scales come in a wide array of different sized platforms and capacities, with trade approved options also available. 

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We supply floor pallet and hand pallet scales, as well as U Type floor scales and weighing pads. Whether you’re weighing aircraft in the aviation industry or measuring the mass of drums on your farm, Meltrons’ variety of floor scales make heavy-duty weighing accurate and simple.

You're sure to find a suitable floor scale solution in our range, and if not, we can put together a custom-designed answer to your weighing needs. We’ve been supplying Australian businesses with weighing solutions for 10 years, never wavering from our dedication to providing dependable, accurate and affordable scales for any application.

We always keep stock on hand of 0.8mtr x 0.8mtr, 1mtr x 1mtr, 1.2mtr x 1.2mtr and 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr in various capacities. They are available in a ready-to-use format for your convenience.