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Common Causes of Inconsistent Digital Scale Readings

The primary purpose of scales is to give you an accurate measurement of things. If a scale isn’t able to do that accurately, then what’s the use of having the scale in the first place? There might come a time that this will happen to you, and it’s vital that you source out the reason. A scale giving inconsistent readings isn’t always a lost cause. There are still things you can do to remedy the issue to make use of your scale. Here are some common causes of inconsistent digital scale readings you should be aware of.   1. Items Weighed - Below Minimum/Above Maximum Apart from the maximum weight of the scale, you also need to be mindful of the...

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12 Maintenance Tips for Digital Platform Scales

Digital scales are susceptible to abuse, including dust accumulation, moisture exposure and constant movement. In this case, it is important to ensure that your digital platform scale is well maintained and cared for. Purchasing even the highest quality electronic platform scales require regular maintenance. Generally, you may need to schedule a routine calibration with your provider to ensure the accuracy and precision of the scale. Aside from calibrating your platform scale regularly, there are many ways to maintain its integrity and utmost condition. 12 Maintenance Tips for Digital Platform Scales 1.    Keep Your Platform Scale Grounded Most digital platform scales use modern and advanced electronic mechanisms that require proper handling, installation and usage. One way to maintain your digital platform...

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