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Common Causes of Inconsistent Digital Scale Readings

The primary purpose of scales is to give you an accurate measurement of things. If a scale isn’t able to do that accurately, then what’s the use of having the scale in the first place?

There might come a time that this will happen to you, and it’s vital that you source out the reason. A scale giving inconsistent readings isn’t always a lost cause. There are still things you can do to remedy the issue to make use of your scale. Here are some common causes of inconsistent digital scale readings you should be aware of.


1. Items Weighed - Below Minimum/Above Maximum

Apart from the maximum weight of the scale, you also need to be mindful of the minimum weight capacity of the scale. You can’t accurately weigh an object that’s below 1 gram when using a scale that measures above 1 gram.

It’s very important that when getting a scale, you must figure out what its maximum and minimum are. You also need to get the appropriate scale as well.

Say you’re getting a scale that will help you weigh your food for calorie tracking. What you’d want to get is a food scale that can measure food starting from 0.1 grams. Some scales are very sensitive to minor increments, and these are perfect for weighing food.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to weigh heavier food, such as the product you get from your groceries, you’re going to want something that has a higher weight limit.


2. Scale Is On An Uneven Surface

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to using scales. This isn’t a problem for hanging scales. However, for platform scales, food scales, and others that need to be laid down, this can be a problem to worry about.

Always weigh your items on an even surface. If it’s uneven in any way, the legs of the scale will shift towards sloped parts, which means more pressure will be put on certain parts of the scale as well. This results in bad and inaccurate readings all the time. This applies to any scale that’s being laid down.

Always place scales on a flat surface

Make sure to check under your scale as well. Built-up debris or dirt can cause the scale to be off even for a bit. Cleaning your scale regularly is an important practice if you want to get better readings.


3. Scale Hasn’t Been Recalibrated In A Long Time

Scale recalibration is very important. Each type of scale is recalibrated differently, and the good news is that Meltrons’ scales come with instructions on how to do so.

This is a critical process in owning a scale, as it will allow you to get more accurate readings. One of the processes in recalibration is using calibration weights. Place these on the scale and check if the reading coincides with how heavy the weights are.

If you get an inaccurate reading, you’ll need to recalibrate. Digital scales have precise instructions on how they can be recalibrated. Make sure to follow these directions to fix your scale.


4. There’s A Strong Draft 

It’s hard to believe it, but strong drafts and windy locations can be a cause of inconsistent digital scale readings too. Say you’re using a hanging scale. If the wind is strong enough to sway the object that’s being weighed, then it’s very unlikely that the scale will read the item properly.

A digital scale from Meltrons

The best solution to this is to place your scale in an enclosed area. Doing so will prevent the wind from messing with the reading, thus giving your scale a more accurate reading.

This might be the case for food scales, as well as the wind can move the objects you’re weighing. Make sure to inspect the area first before you start using the scale.


5. The Scale Is Defective

With proper care and maintenance, scales can actually last you for years. However, as with most digital devices, digital scales are built to last, but they’re not built to last indefinitely. If your scale gives out inaccurate readings despite all the fixes you’ve done, then it might be time to have it replaced.

Here at Meltrons, we have a wide variety of scales that fit your needs. If it’s time to change that scale, you should check out the wide selection of traditional and digital scales we have on hand. You’ll probably find a scale with a slew of amazing features that will make your job easier too.

Having an accurate scale is a must for anyone that’s using them. There are many benefits to using a scale but that’s only if you’re being given accurate readings by yours. Digital scales come packed with many different features but keep in mind that they can still suffer from the same mistakes that traditional scales do.