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Butcher Scales & Label Printing Scales

When you need precise price-per-weight calculations fast, you need Meltrons’ range of price computing scales. Speed up sales while being confident that every reading is completely accurate with our pricing scales. 

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Our price computing scales are a fantastic compact size, so they won’t take up much of your valuable counter or bench space. Combine this with their battery backup capacity of 100 hours (if you have nowhere to plug in the AC adaptor), and you have an incredibly handy and portable pricing scale solution. 

The keypad is sealed and the rest of the unit is built to be durable, so that it stands up to the regular cleaning and use required in fast-paced environments like delis and bakeries. We also supply printers for the complete price-per-weight solution.

From 6kg to 30kg capacity, the three easy to read displays show both customer and worker the weight, unit price and total price of their item. This minimises customer disputes and makes transactions faster and smoother, saving time and making you more money.