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Custom Designs

At Meltrons we understand that, like many things in life, weighing and load cell solutions are not one size fits all. Sometimes a customised weighing package that suits the specific demands of your industry is the answer. We pride ourselves on being able to come up with the perfect solution for your needs, no matter if you’re weighing tanks and silos or counting tiny screws as part of your inventory. 

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We’ve put together weighing packages and kits with a range of accessories, load cells and other parts that can be used to design the most effective custom weighing solution for your requirements. Our kits suit a variety of industrial applications, offering incredible versatility at our well-known low prices.

So if you can’t find a weighing package that suits your needs, get in touch with Meltrons to talk about our custom design service. You’ll be surprised at what we can design with our assortment of kits.

We have the expertise to customise a solution no matter your requirements, such as for load cells for use in critical environments, high-temperature load cells, load pins up to 100t capacity, or weighing scales such as horse weighing scales.

We can manufacture and supply according to your drawings and specifications.