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The Benefits of Load Cells in Agriculture

When the harvesting season comes, I’m sure you’re eager to know the much-awaited results of your invested time, money and effort. It is important to know how much crop and livestock yield you have after putting so much care and attention into them. One of the best ways to measure your agricultural yield is with the use of load cells.

What are the benefits of load cells in agriculture?

1.    Best for Yield Monitoring

After months of caring for your crops and livestock, it is best to monitor and measure your agricultural yield. This helps to know how much produce you have for certain seasons and how much you have improved from previous years.

In most cases, farmers and agriculturists sell their crops and livestock by weight, hence, having a load cell can be very helpful. Depending on the capacity of your load cells, they can measure between 2 to 500 kilograms. By using a load cell, you can be sure that you are paid with every gram of your crop.

2.    Optimising Feeds Distribution

One of the main activities in raising livestock is feeding them. Every farm animal needs a certain amount of feed. It helps to have a measuring system that can help monitor and optimise their feeding times and the amount of food you need to feed them.

By using load cells, you can evenly distribute feed for your poultry, livestock and other farm animals. When feed distribution is optimised, you can be sure that all your agricultural animals receive the sustenance and nutrition they need to thrive and be healthy.

Also, by measuring what you feed the animals at a given time, you can be sure that they do not get over or underfed. This can also help farmers and livestock owners not to overspend on feeds since they are using the right amount every feeding time.


3.    Efficient Streamlining of Fertiliser

Similarly, crops need feeding. As much as load cells can be very useful for livestock feed distribution, they can also be helpful in efficiently streamlining fertilisers for your crops.

From start to finish, delving into the agricultural industry needs precision. This way, you can be sure that you are profiting from your investment. Remember that farming does not only require financial support but also time and effort in cultivating your crops.

Fertilising your crops need accuracy, no more no less. Too much or too little fertiliser can impact the growth of your crops. By using load cells, you can be sure that you provide the right amount of fertiliser your crops need at a given time.

4.    Offers Fast and Precise Measurements

One of the many benefits of using load cells is the quick and accurate results that they yield. In most cases, selling crops need fast and precise measurement to ensure that you get the profit that you deserve.

The most common feature of load cells is their full-scale capacity that can be accurately measured even with repeated force calculation. If you are seriously maximising your crop yield measurement, then load cells can be the best solution for you.

5.    Provides Useful Computerised Data

In this fast-paced world that people thrive in, having agricultural data computerised can help optimise their workloads. Gone are the days when you have to manually input every data from your ledgers which in most cases lack accuracy.

The good thing about load cells is that you can link them to your computer and use them as sensors to feed the data directly into your devices. Simply load the crop or livestock to your scale and the load cell will convert the physical force into electrical signals.

Why choose load cells for agricultural use?

When you choose to invest in agriculture, you will need heavy-duty equipment and large amounts of materials like seedlings, feeds and fertilisers. One of the most important pieces of equipment that you should have for agricultural use is load cells.

Comparatively, load cells can carry heavyweights of crops and livestock. Load cells have varying capacities that can surely fit your agricultural needs. They are also durable and reliable so you can be sure that you are paid until the very last gram of your produce.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Load Cell for Agricultural Use

When you need a point-of-sale yield measuring for your crops or livestock, consider the following when choosing your load cell:

  • Operating environment: Can it withstand the harshness and pressure of the agricultural environment?
  • Type of load cell: Do you need a waterproof load cell?
  • Load cell measuring duration: Can your load cell withstand long-term measurement durations?
  • Load cell capacity: Can it operate on large, sudden or dynamic loads?
  • Size restrictions: Does your load cell work on size and capacity constraints?
  • Mounting options: Where and how should the load cell be mounted and oriented?
  • Operation cost: Is the use of load cells a flexible and cost-efficient solution to your needs?

Load cells provide solutions to the growing needs of large scale entities like agriculture and industrial. By choosing the right load cell, you can be sure that you maximise the crop yields of your money, time and effort.

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