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4 Types of Load Cells for Cattle Scales

Cattle scales are specially designed to weigh farm animals. They are typically large, heavy-duty scales that can accommodate the weight of a full-grown cow. Many cattle scales also have features that allow them to take measurements such as height and girth, making them a useful tool for cattle farmers and ranchers. They are typically placed in a cattle chute, and the cattle are weighed one at a time. There are two types of cattle scales: platform scales and floor scales. Platform scales use a “platform”, and the cattle are walked onto the platform to be weighed. Floor scales are placed on the ground, and the cattle are herded onto the scale to be weighed. These scales are used to weigh...

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Load Cell Accuracy: How Does It Work?

Load cells are widely used in many industries because of their accuracy and precision. Many electronic weighing scales now use load cells to weigh various types of objects. Depending on the type of load cell used, it can weigh the smallest pill or even the largest railroad cards. How does load cells work? Load cells are categorised as transducers. Essentially, they convert force into weight outputs. When force is applied, the sensors will transmit the data to the load cells which converts this to electronic data values. The converted data is then sent to the indicators where you can read the weight of the object. To further understand how load cells work, let's discuss each working principle involved in the...

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The Benefits of Load Cells in Agriculture

When the harvesting season comes, I’m sure you’re eager to know the much-awaited results of your invested time, money and effort. It is important to know how much crop and livestock yield you have after putting so much care and attention into them. One of the best ways to measure your agricultural yield is with the use of load cells. What are the benefits of load cells in agriculture? 1.    Best for Yield Monitoring After months of caring for your crops and livestock, it is best to monitor and measure your agricultural yield. This helps to know how much produce you have for certain seasons and how much you have improved from previous years. In most cases, farmers and agriculturists...

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7 Things You Need to Consider When Selecting a Load Cell

Is your business looking for a reliable load cell solution that can withstand your needed weighing task? Every business requires different needs. A farmer may need a load cell that can carry truck-full of crops while a livestock business may need to weigh hundreds or even thousands of cattle each day. Choosing the right load cell for your business is truly crucial. You must remember that load cells are not a one-size-fits-all solution to your weighing needs. What works for a coffee plantation may not be suitable for a dairy farm. So, if you are looking for a reliable load cell solution for your business, you may want to consider some factors. 7 Things You Need to Consider When Selecting...

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