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Industries that Use Crane Scales

Crane scales are hanging weighing devices that are used to weigh large objects, such as construction materials. They are typically crane-hung and use a force sensor to measure the weight of the load.

These scales can be used for a variety of purposes, including determining the type and quantity of material in a load, monitoring crane loads during transport, and weighing crane loads during construction. This type of hanging scale is an essential tool for many industries and can provide valuable information about the loads being transported.

Industries that Use Crane Scales

1.    Agriculture

Crane scales are commonly used in agricultural or farm settings to weigh livestock or crops. They have a large platform on which the object to be weighed is placed. The platform is attached to a beam with a pulley system which allows it to be raised and lowered.

The scale is calibrated so that the weight of the object can be determined by measuring the amount of force required to lift it. These scales are highly accurate, and you can use them to measure very large objects, making them an essential tool in farming.

2.    Automotive

Essentially, the type of hanging scale you use depends on the type of vehicle you are manufacturing.

Crane scales are an important tool in the automotive industry. They are used to weigh vehicles during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each one is of the correct weight and size.

Some scales can only be used on cars, while others can be for trucks and buses.

Crane Scales are Used in Automotive

3.    Aviation

Various types of crane scales are used in the aviation industry, each designed for specific applications. They are essential for this industry, as they allow workers to weigh aircraft parts during assembly and repair.

Some crane scales are used for weighing large parts, such as engines, while others are designed for smaller components. These hanging scales are also used to measure the weight of an entire aircraft. This information is critical for ensuring that the aircraft is balanced and safe to fly.

4.    Construction

Crane scales are used to ensure that the materials being used in a construction project are of the correct weight and size. If the weight or size of the materials is incorrect, it could lead to problems with the construction project, such as building collapse.

These scales are also used to calculate the total weight of a construction project which is essential for planning purposes and safety reasons. They are designed for crane-liftable materials, like huge steel pipes.

5.    Energy Facility

Crane scales are an essential part of the energy industry, and they play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the facilities. They are used to weigh oil and gas during production, transportation and storage. These scales are available in various sizes and capacities, so they can be used for small-scale or large-scale operations.

Crane Scales are Used in Energy Facility

6.    Hospitality

The hospitality industry uses a crane-scale-based weighing system to weigh luggage by suspending it from a crane-like device. The scale then displays the weight of the luggage on a readout.

Crane scales are used by many hotels and airport facilities because it is accurate and efficient. It allows staff to quickly and easily weigh luggage without having to lift it manually. This is especially important for guests who have a lot of luggage, as it can save time and avoid injuries.

7.    Manufacturing

An essential tool in the manufacturing process is the crane scale, as it allows companies to weigh products and materials. The product or material is attached to the crane, then lifts the product or material and the weight is recorded.

You can utilise the information to ensure that products meet specifications and to track materials during the manufacturing process. They are also operated during the shipping and receiving, to make sure that products are properly loaded and unloaded.

8.    Mining

Crane scales are used to weigh minerals during extraction and transport, ensuring that they are evenly distributed and within the allowed weight limit. Some mining companies also use cranes to measure the weight of vehicles carrying minerals to monitor the loading and unloading process.

In some instances, these scales help determine the density of minerals, which is important for calculating their value.

9.    Sports

Crane scales are designed to be accurate and durable, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. They are typically made from stainless steel or aluminum and they can be equipped with advanced features such as digital displays and wireless connectivity.

Most crane scales have a maximum capacity of around 500Kg, making them ideal for weighing athletes of all sizes and other fitness equipment.

Crane Scales at Sports

10.         Technology

A crane scale is a vital tool in the technology industry because it helps to ensure that computer equipment is properly assembled and transported. Without this scale, it would be difficult to accurately weigh the heavy and bulky components of computer equipment.

11.         Warehousing

The warehousing industry relies on crane scales to weigh products during storage and shipping as they are engineered to weigh heavy loads. They are typically used in warehouses and factories that require accuracy and precision. These scales help weigh products that are up to several thousand grams.


Aside from these 11 industries, crane scales are also popular in logistics, military, healthcare, education and government applications.

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