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MWB Weighbar

If you are looking for a versatile and ready-made weighing solution the MWB weigh bar is a general-purpose dual weigh bar available in two capacities 1000-2000kg

The MWB weigh bar is a popular scale due to its portability and versatility. The handles on either side of the weigh bars can be transported as easily as a briefcase and especially useful if you are travelling and want to verify the weight onsite.

Most often used in the farming industry to weigh livestock the weigh bars are also used for a range of industrial applications such as pallet weighing in warehouses and agribusiness.

These scales are available in 2 different lengths 0.6m and 1m making this mobile unit compact and extremely versatile. Rugged in construction these scales are ideal for vets working in the field or where locations are less accessible.

Completely user friendly all you need to do is place the weigh bars on any flat firm surface and you have a perfect transportable scale to go under a crush, cages, animals or you can place pallets, boxes, crates or bins on top of the bars.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Powder coated finish
  • 4 x 350ohm load cells
  • Rectangular foot
  • 4 m long wire mesh cables (weigh bar to MI101)
  • Cable with removable plug for easy transportation

MI101 indicator having:

  • Internal rechargeable battery &AC power adapter 2” big display
  • HI/LO limits with beeper
  • Animal weighing mode

Indicator Stand
RS232 on MI101 Indicator
Non-standard lengths and capacities

Model MWB06-1000 MWB06-2000 MWB10-1000 MWB10-2000
Capacity 1000kg 2000kg 1000kg 2000kg
Resolution 0.5kg 1kg 0.5kg 1kg
Length 0.6m 0.6m 1m 1m
Operating Temperature -10 to 40C -10 to 40C -10 to 40C -10 to 40C

Availability– dispatched within 24hrs

Warranty – 1-year warranty

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MWB Weighbar


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