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MFSK Floor Scale Kit from

This kit comes complete with

  • A MI101 Digital Weight Indicator (ABS Body)
  • 4 x MT401 Shear beam Load cells
  • A Water-tight Stainless-Steel Junction Box
  • A 5m cable (to connect from Jn box to indicator)
  • 4 x Non-Skid Swivel Feet
  • 4 x Spacer plates

Mounting bolts are excluded due to the variety of applications and adaptability of this product to suit a wide range of industry uses.

Availability – Lead times vary

Warranty – With a 3-year warranty you are guaranteed to enjoy a quality product.

Model Capacity Division Load cells Mounting Bolts
MFSK500 500kg X 0.2kg 0.2kg 4 X MT401 250kg M12 or 1/2”
MFSK1500 1500kg X 0.5kg 0.5kg 4 X MT401 1000kg M12 or 1/2”
MFSK3000 3000kg X 1kg 1kg 4 X MT401 1500kg M12 or 1/2”
MFSK6000 6000kg X 2kg 2kg 4 X MT401 2500kg M18 or 3/4”
MFSK10000 10000kg X 5kg 5kg 4 X MT401 5000kg M18 or 3/4”

Weighing livestock is a critical part of farm management which is why so many of our farmers chose to use the MFSK floor scale kit to help optimise the performance of their cattle. Regular livestock weighing means you can accurately monitor the variables that affect output like livestock health, feed quality and breeding performance to reduce costs and waste.

In any business where weight determines the cost and profit margins, it’s vital to have a scale that is infinitely accurate, durable and performs alongside your unique operational needs.

Our floor scale kit is not a ready-made product, but neither is your business, so we make sure you receive the right product for the job. Meltrons MFSK Heavy duty cattle scales are custom designed to suit your cattle crush and available in 5 capacities ranging from 500kg to 10000kg.

We gather information such as

  • where will it be installed?
  • how will you use it?
  • what are the gross capacity requirements?
  • what are you weighing and your unique industry variables that may affect weighing results.

Installing the MFSK Floor scale kit is a worthwhile investment to help you increase your business performance and output.

These cattle scales include the two load beams and heavy-duty leads with weatherproof plugs designed to withstand harsh outdoor, agricultural and farming environments. Convenience and durability are key with an analogue output that can be connected to a PLC adding to the user-friendly functionality. The user can easily calibrate the scales onsite removing the need for any technician callouts.

This Floor scale kit includes everything you will need to assemble your own floor scale. If you have an existing platform, frame or bar this kit is the ideal solution as you can mount the load cells to your own frame.

These scales are popular because of their adaptability to mount to almost any frame. They can be used under a cattle cage or crush and pallets, boxes and hoppers etc can be placed on top of the floor scale. This scales flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

High-Performance Floor Scale Kits for A Range of Industry Applications

Traditionally these kits load sensors are mounted beneath the cattle crush however they are not limited to just weighing livestock.

  • Produce - These scales are also used to weight fodder, optimising automated feed dispensers, reducing waste and providing important data to optimise the processes.
  • Production Lines- these kits are often used under conveyer belts weighing bottles, boxes, raw materials or parts. The production line application options are endless.
  • Packaging – any product where tanks dispense a product, these scales can be are used to determine the flow rate by weighing the dispensed product, anything from hand sanitizer to tomato sauce.
  • Floor scales can be installed under a vehicle chassis or ute trays providing fuss-free monitoring of any product or animal loaded onto the ute.

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MFSK Floor Scale Kit from


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