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MF-Series Floor Pallet Scales from

Pallet scales have proven to be indispensable assets in most industry operations because they eliminate guesswork when it comes to weight calculations. It does not matter if you are on the receiving or paying end when costs are related to inbound or outbound produce you want to make sure the data reflects what you’re paying for.

Pallet scales, which are also known as floor scales, are mainly used in factories and warehouses for a wide range of weighing applications from weighing palletised freight to bottling plants and wineries.

The MF Series Floor pallet scale is available as an off the shelf product and does not require any wiring installation. Installing this scale is as easy as plugging a mobile phone into a wall charger. A functional, simple and reliable scale used to manage small to large volumes. You will often see these scales used at the Sydney Flemington vegetable market, a popular choice for its accuracy and high-performance capabilities.

  • Platform sizes 1.2m x 1.2m and 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Available in 3 capacities of 1.5T / 3T and 5T
  • Delivery with 24hrs
  • Recalibrated – Floor Scale and indicator calibrated at the factory


  • MI-101 Indicator with 2” LED Display Backlight
  • Basic counting
  • kg to lb conversion
  • Rechargeable battery ABS body
  • PLC integration upgrade available

Load cells

  • Alloy Steel load cell 3mV/V, 350 ohm
  • 4 load cells
  • Electroless Nickel plated


  • Laser cut 5mm thick plate (diamond tread)
  • Heavy Structural channel sub-frame
  • Flexible / Swivel foot with load cell
  • Low profile
  • Powder-coated Heavy-duty structure Eyebolts

Availability – dispatched within 24hrs

Warranty –1-year warranty

Designed to meet the demands of your business this scale is available with an upgradable digital display for more industrial or trade applications such as concrete factories and grain silos where either waterproofing or superior weatherproofing insulation is required.

What Are the Advantages of Using A Commercial Livestock Scale?

  • Commercial livestock scales are designed to take the weight of heavy animals, some in excess of a few tonnes. The construction needs to be durable and withstand the constant heavy-duty use.
  • Load cells are stainless steel increasing reliability, performance and accuracy.
  • Commercial scales are weather resistant designed for Australian conditions.
  • Livestock scales are built with animals in mind. Features like low profile platforms allow animals to easily step onto the scale, rubber matting and cages help to increase comfort, reduce stress and protect your animals.
  • These scales can be connected to your computer to record important data such as birth weight, sales weights and seasonal weight changes to help track key data that helps to improve yields.
  • These scales make weighing livestock faster, easier, safer and more cost effective.

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MF-Series Floor Pallet Scales from


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