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MCSM Animal Scale

This is an economical animal scale used by breeders, vets, animal shelters, clubs and sanctuaries. Regular weighing means weight loss and other issues that manifest over time are identified quickly. By tracking weight results you can turn your data into valuable insights to make informed decisions for your animal’s health.

Popular with horse racing clubs these scales are manufactured on order and customisable for livestock or horses. The protective cage helps to guide larger animals onto the scale safely.

  • Platform Size: 940mm x 550mm
  • Stainless Steel pan easy to clean and maintenance free
  • MI901 Indicator
  • Low Profile
  • LCD display
  • 25mm high digits
  • Fast response (1/10 second)
  • Mains and Battery operated
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Calibration
  • 230V/12V power adapter
  • 1-year warranty


RS232 Interface for Indicator
Wall Mount display

Availability– dispatched within 24hrs

Warranty – 1-year warranty

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MCSM Animal Scale


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