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Weighing Kits

If you’re looking for a one-stop weighing solution, Meltrons’ wide variety of weighing packages and kits provide you with a myriad of choices at a low price. 

Meltrons supplies the Crane Scale Kit, Floor/Pallet Scale Kit, Weighbridge Kit and Onboard Weighing Kits. These kits are an apt solution for customers who are looking for a complete system to make their installation easier. Meltrons is a one-stop-shop for all of your installation requirements. 

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The Crane Scale Kits are available in capacities from 50kgs to 30t. The kit includes loadcell, top and bottom rod end bearings, a digital weighing indicator, and software for those who require a connection to a computer.

The Floor/Pallet Scale Kit comes in 500kgs to 12t capacities. The Floor/Pallet Scale Kit is a complete set, comprised of shearbeam loadcells, a junction box, a swivel foot, spacer plates and a digital weighing indicator. There is also a stainless steel version available for safe use in wet and harsh environments.

The Weighbridge Kit comprises of 4/6/8 weighbridge loadcells, a junction box, a weighing display and a 10mtr cable connected with a 5 pin plug. The Weighbridge Kit makes life much easier for those who have a weighbridge deck. These kits are available for weighbridges from 10t to 120t capacities.

The Onboard Weighing Kit comprises of 4 x 2t/5t chassis loadcells, a stainless steel junction box, a digital weighing indicator and a 10mtr cable. These kits are mainly installed on trailers with chaser bins and feed mixers. They are also used in spreaders and trailers.

Whether you need to put together a weighbridge, floor or crane scale weighing station, we have the reliable, sturdy accessories to suit almost any industry or application. Each weighing kit consists of a mix of accessories, load cells and other parts to make designing your custom weighing solution as convenient as possible, while still being affordable. 

If you need advice on customising the most suitable package for your needs, the expert team here at Meltrons Australia are more than happy to help. With over 10 years of experience, we’ll put together a unique weighing kit customised to your specifications, providing you with a reliable, durable and dependable solution.