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Load Cells

Meltrons supplies high-quality load cells for affordable, accurate weighing in a wide range of industries and applications. They are also known as load transducers or load sensors, and convert the force (load) of an object into an electrical signal, making the precise weighing of bulky, heavy objects safer and easier.

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For over 10 years, Meltrons has been the experts in load cell solutions in Australia. We can help you determine which type of load cell technology is best for your requirements, and even customise the perfect solution for your needs. 

We have a range of load cells with capacities ranging from 50kgs to 450t. Meltrons supplies Compression, Tension, Tank Weighing, Onboard Weighing, Shearbeam, and Single Point load cells for many industrial applications.

Our team provides professional, expert advice about how to correctly select the load cell package that suits the forces and loads of your proposed applications. Whether you’re in manufacturing, agricultural, food processing, farming or any other similar industries, Meltrons will ensure you make the right choice in load cell solutions. This will save your business from the expensive repairs that the wrong selection can cause.

For the most accurate, reliable and efficient weighing, you need high-quality load cells that are durable and precise. You need Meltrons’ load cell solutions.