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What is Included in the Sheep Feeder Weighing Kit

What is a sheep feeder?

A sheep feeder is a particular container that people use to give food to their sheep. It's like having a snack shelf in your room; you can go to it whenever you're hungry and get something to eat.

Sheep eat plants like grass and hay. A sheep feeder can hold a lot of hay or other food that the sheep like to eat. This way, they can come over and eat whenever they are hungry and don't have to look for food everywhere. These feeders help ensure the animals get enough to eat and stay healthy.

The Benefit of Using a Sheep Feeder Weighing Kit

When farmers know how much food their sheep eat, they can adjust the feeding schedule and ensure they get the proper nutrition.

Sheep feeders weighing systems use sensors that measure the weight of the food inside the feeder. When a sheep eats some of the food, the importance of the food decreases, and the sensor sends this information to a computer or display. The farmer can then check how much food is left in the feeder and how much has been eaten.

This information is vital because it helps farmers make informed decisions about their sheep's diet. For example, if the farmer notices that the sheep are not eating enough, they may need to provide more food or change the food they are giving them. Alternatively, if the sheep are overeating, the farmer may need to reduce the amount of food they give them to avoid overfeeding and wasting resources.

What is Included in the Sheep Feeder Weighing Kit

The kit contains 4 shear beam load cells, a water-tight stainless steel junction box, 5 metres of cable, a digital weight indicator and 4 spacer plates.

1. MI101 Digital Weight Indicator

The MI101 digital indicator is the central component of the kit. It is responsible for displaying the weight of the sheep feeder's content. The unit is made of ABS plastic, a strong and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It has a digital display that shows the weight of the feeder in grams or kilograms.

2. MT401S Shear Beam Load cells

These are the sensors that measure the weight of the sheep feeder. Load cells are devices that convert the importance of an object into an electrical signal. The MT401S shear beam load cells are solid and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The four load cells are designed to be mounted underneath the sheep feeder to measure its weight.

3. Water-tight Stainless Steel Junction Box

The junction box connects the load cells to the indicator. It is made of stainless steel and is water-tight to withstand exposure to rain or other types of moisture.

4. 5-Meter Cable

This cable connects the junction box to the digital weight indicator. It is 5 meters long, long enough to reach from the sheep feeder to where the hand is mounted.

5. Spacer plates

The spacer plates are small pieces of metal used to separate the load cells from the sheep feeder. They help ensure that the load cells are correctly aligned and that the weight of the feeder does not damage them.

This kit includes everything you need for a sheep feeder weighing system. With the high-quality components included in this kit, farmers and ranchers can trust that they have the best equipment to get the job done right.

Investing in a sheep feeder weighing kit can optimise your sheep's nutrition and well-being, making a happy and healthy flock.

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