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The Benefits of Using Industrial Scales in Business

If you want to make your business successful, you’re going to need to invest in a lot of tools and equipment that will make things easier for you and your employees. If you’re in the business of retail or are in any type of business where weight matters, it’s a must to get an industrial scale.

Industrial scales are weighing equipment primarily used for business. It has applications in various industries such as agriculture, construction, logistics, and many more. These scales are built to measure objects up to 10 tonnes and more.

There are many advantages that come with using industrial scales. If you’re on the fence about getting one, then this list of advantages might finally get your attention.

High-Precision Measurements

When it comes to weighing scales, the most important aspect is of course, accuracy. A scale being off by a few kilograms might not seem much but in the long-term, this is an error that can eventually cost you or your customers money. If you want high-precision weighing, then industrial scales are the way to go.

Whether you’re weighing heavy objects such as a box of metal, or something small such as a tub of fish, you’re going to get accurate measurements. This way, you and your customers are able to get the most out of every transaction where every kilo matters.


Industrial scales are very versatile and they’re used to measure all sorts of things - even animals! This kind of versatility is important in many business landscapes such as grocery stores, retailers, and other product based shops.

By getting an industrial scale, you can guarantee that you’ll be capable of weighing anything that comes within your business. There are also custom made scales that help you get exactly what you need for your business.

At Meltrons, we provide these custom made scales to fit your needs, whatever it may be.

Better Workflow

A good industrial scale for your business will mean that operations will flow seamlessly. No delays, no setbacks - all progress.

An industrial scale that’s perfectly set up at your location will allow you to let your workers function seamlessly. Let’s look at a fish port for instance. With a good platform scale, you can quickly measure the catch of the day and have it delivered to your clients immediately.

Without the appropriate scale, you won’t be able to measure the catch by the bulk which can result in delayed progress at work. It’s applicable in many other situations. Bottom line is that this kind of advanced scales can help increase the productivity of your business.

Extreme Durability

Industrial scales are built to last. They may be more expensive than your traditional scales but they can last you longer which means it will be a cheaper option considering that you don’t have to buy new ones or get repairs. Durability is one thing you should look for in a scale especially when it’s used regularly.

One of the main problems with cheap scales is that they need to be recalibrated often. When used regularly, they’re prone to getting issues along the way as well. Industrial scales are used in settings that require a lot of things to be measured.

Scales are composed of many parts. If one of those parts break, the entire scale will begin to deliver inaccurate results. With an industrial scale however, you’re guaranteed that the entire system will be okay aside from recalibrations from time to time.

Scales are important to promote productivity

Safety At Its Finest

People are often concerned about heavy materials that are being weighed because of potential accidents. A good industrial scale will come not just with the durability to keep the device from breaking, it can also come with safety features that can help prevent accidents in the workplace.

A high-quality crane scale for instance will come with a hook that can withstand heavy loads. There’s no need to worry about the scale breaking down while something heavy is being weighed.

Comply With Regulations

There will be some industries where the government requires you to follow safety regulations when it comes to your equipment. Australia’s trade measurement laws seek to promote fair business practices when it comes to measuring goods. In this case, it means using industrial scales for accuracy and safety.

As a business, you’d of course want to abide by these guidelines so that you can avoid fines, penalties, and even closures.

To put it simply, industrial scales are one of the best investments you can make for your business. They’re definitely not as cheap as other types of weighing scales but if you factor in the productivity and other benefits it adds to your business, these are all worth it in the end.

At Meltrons, we have a wide range of industrial scales that might fit your business. Give us a call, and we’ll see which one fits your business best.