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Chassis and Chaser Bins: Types, Uses and Benefits

Chassis and Chaser bins are important tools for any waste management company. However, they can also be used in recycling and manufacturing sites.

A chassis bin is a large container that sits on the back of a truck and is used to collect items. The chassis bin has a hydraulic arm that can be raised and lowered, which allows the driver to discard the items into the chaser bin.

The chaser bin is a smaller container that sits in the bed of the truck next to the chassis bin. It is used to compact the items in it before tossing them into a storage area. Chassis and chaser bins are designed to be durable, efficient and safe for the truck driver to use.

Chaser bins can also be customised with a variety of accessories, such as lids, weighing systems, load cells and ramps to make them even more efficient. Investing in a quality chassis and chaser bin is an important step for any facility or manufacturing company that wants to remain competitive in today's market.

Types of Chassis and Chaser Bins

1. Open-top Chasses Bin

Open-top chassis bins are a great way to store and transport materials. They have an open top that allows you to easily put things in and take them out, and they have a sturdy chassis that keeps the contents securely inside. This makes them perfect for storing and transporting heavy or bulky items.

2. Skip-type Bin

If you could make the process even more efficient and environmentally friendly, skip-type bins may be the answer. Skip-type bins are also a great option for businesses looking to save money. These bins come in different sizes and can be used for many types of waste, from office paper to large cardboard boxes.

This bin has a sloping front that allows materials to slide down into the bin. This type is often used in recycling centres, as it is easy to remove the recyclable materials from the bottom of the bin.

Types of Chassis and Chaser Bins

Uses of Chassis and Chaser Bins

1. Waste management

Municipalities use a variety of equipment and systems including chassis and chaser bins in waste management. These bins are specialised waste containers used for a variety of tasks such as garbage and recycling collection, street sweeping, tree trimming and so much more.

2. Recycling

In recycling, the chassis and chaser bins are important tools in completing the process. The chassis is the main container that holds all of the recyclable material until it is emptied into the chaser bin. The chaser bin is then used to push the recyclables down a conveyor belt that leads to the sorting area.

3. Manufacturing Sites

Chassis and chaser bins are two of the most important tools used in modern manufacturing. A chassis is a large, rectangular frame that serves as the foundation for a machine or vehicle. Chaser bins are large containers used to store or transport materials. They are typically mounted on the chassis of a truck or trailer.

4. Other Uses

Chassis and chaser bins are versatile tools that can be used in other industries including construction sites, landscaping projects, industrial sites and warehousing and storage facilities.

A chassis is a metal frame fitted with four or more wheels. Chaser bins are attached to the chassis and are used to hold the material being transported. The bin can be rotated so that the material can be discarded when it arrives at its destination. This system is often used instead of a conveyor belt because it is faster and more efficient.

Uses of Chassis and Chaser Bins

Benefits of Chassis and Chaser Bins

1. Durability

Chassis bins and chaser bins are designed to be strong and durable, so they can withstand the rugged demands of industrial work. This ensures that the bins will last for a long time, reducing the need for frequent purchases and replacements.

2. Cost-efficiency

Chassis bins and chaser bins are cost-efficient due to their low price point. They are also made from corrosion-resistant materials that require minimal maintenance costs over time, making them even more affordable.

3. Versatility

Chassis bins and chaser bins offer a wide range of uses in various industries. They can be used for transporting heavy loads, collecting recyclables, helping with assembly line processes and much more.

4. Safety

Chassis bins and chaser bins are designed with safety in mind. Their smooth surfaces make them easy to handle without risk of injury, and they also come with various features such as bumpers that protect against collisions.

Benefits of Chassis and Chaser Bins

Chassis and chaser bins are very useful for any business. They help to organise and store materials, making them easily accessible when they're needed.

By using chassis and chaser bins with weighing systems, you can improve the efficiency of your workspace. It also makes it easier to calculate waste and material collection as well as outputs in recycling and manufacturing sites.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep tabs on your garbage collection or yield production, consider investing in quality weighing system kits to upgrade your chassis or chaser bin.

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